The Lotus House

lotushouse.jpgWe can give you what you want…and we know what you need.

What you see

“The first two floors of the House are what everyone sees. The kitchen, the eatin’ area, the public lounge. The warren of rooms on the second floor, where my girls and boys do most of their work. Those are the floors where we keep things the nicest looking. They all got glass in all the panes (well, mostly), an’ the prettiest lights and nicest furniture we have is there. That’s the House that everyone sees.

The third floor is where me and most of the staff live. The private rooms where they can store their things and unwind when they ain’t working. My room is here, and so is Grace’s*. There’s old wood shutters on all the windows. You can open them for light or a breeze, but we’ve long since stolen the glass from all these windows to keep up appearances downstairs, an’ mostly the light fixtures are bulbs hanging from the ceiling, and when power is scarce, we shut off the flow to the upper rooms before we do to the public part of the House. We all make sacrifices for the good of the House, even me."

Services offered

The first floor is open to anyone who hasn’t been blacklisted. This is where Otter and Grace are most often found, serving food and tiny cups of strong coffee. Besides the kitchen and dining areas, there is also a small lounge area, with shabby but well-maintained furniture and a fireplace that occasionally lit on cold damp winter days. Attached to the kitchen, but generally off limits to customers is the steam bath that the staff use to get clean.

The menu is not overly diverse, and changes based on what is available, but Otter specializes in soups and other comfort food. During the hotter part of summer, cold food is more often served, to avoid having to heat up the kitchen. Sometimes, when there’s a surplus of water…there is sun tea.

While officially the food and coffee is the business of the Lotus House, it’s an open secret what other services are offered. The second floor is a warren of private rooms of varying sizes, available only to those who have been vouched for and given the passwords are allowed up the stairwell beyond the guarded door on the first floor. Beyond that door, Lotus House staff can help fill nearly any need or desire…from an hour or an evening with a house pretty, to a quiet place to unwind while paging through a book from the tiny library.

Julirose doesn’t know it, but Grace has been dealing Focus on the side.


The positions listed below are their normal specialties; most of them do work across several categories.
Owner – Julirose (Former Owner – Uncle Sho’)
House Pretties – Erensjoi and Mercer
Other Companionship – Maslow
Kitchen and Cooks – Grace and Otter
Maintenance and Janitorial – Twobit and Stinks
Security – Shin

There are a handful of other regular staff, and quite a few hardhold residents that come by to work on an ‘as-needed’ basis.


Sources for goods – Hodag and Camel
Eucre night crowd – Disney, Liv and Batty
Pig and Whiskey
Fists who should not be coming around – Feral, Weedy and Hardtop
Other Trouble – Eightball and Jaxon

*The rest of her family bunks down in what’s left of the old building attached to one side of the House, it ain’t technically my turf, but Trahn’s people mostly treat it like it is anyway

The Lotus House

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