Sargent-at-Arms for Iron Riders MC


Our own red haired, green eyed, pint sized sergeant who makes up for what he lacks in height with might. A force of nature that one, some of the bigger mouths In the MC say that once, when they got him drunk enough(not an easy feat, he definitely earns his nickname in that respect) he started talking about how he lost his family to slavers before he met up with us, and began to describe in excruciating detail what he did to every single one of them. All I know is he keeps the others guys in line and makes the ones that get in his way look like they have seen death himself.


Julirose says: “Whiskey is probably my worst regular. He wouldn’t be so bad, if it wasn’t for him trotting out all the war stories about the slavers. He makes my skin crawl almost as bad as Feral does.”


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