woman, vintage wear, expressive face, bright eyes, lean body, nervous hands


Cool – 0
Hard – 0
Hot – +2
Sharp – +1
Weird – 0

Maestro D’ Moves
Maestro D’ Special: If you hook another character up — with sex, with food, with somethin somethin, whatever — it counts as having sex with them.

Fingers in Every Pie: Out out the word that you want a thing — could be a person, could be somethin something, could even be just a thing — and roll+hot:
-On a 10+ it shows up in your establishment for you, like magic
-On a 7-9, well, your people make an effort and everybody wants to please you and close is close, right?
-On a miss, it shows up in your establishment for you with strings wicked attached.

Everybody Eats, Even That Guy:When you want to know something about someone important (your call), roll+hot. On a hit, you can ask the MC questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 1:
-How are they doing? What’s up with them?
-Who do they know, like, and/or trust?
-How could I get to them, physically or emotionally?
-What or who do they love best?
-When next should I expect to see them?

Tranh +3
Camel +2
Lars +2
Grace +2
Feral +1

a wicked blade (kitchen knife: 2 harm hand), oddments worth 1 barter, fashion suitable to look, including Papi’s old deer skin leather jacket (1 armor)

The Lotus House
Attractions: easy (comfort) food, supported by coffee and companionship (sex)
Atmosphere: intimacy, nostalgia, quiet, forgetting
Security: secrecy, passwords, codes & signals, invites-only, vouching, etc; a bouncer who knows his biz (2-harm, 1-armor)


It’s easy, these days, to get too focused on the basics. The things you need to survive. Food. Water. Shelter. Relief of…ahem…base physical needs. It used to be different, back in the old days. Back when there was enough of everything, and everyone had enough.

I don’t remember those days, and neither does my father. But my grandfather did, and he told me stories. Not so much about things, but about people. What they want…and what they need under all that wanting. He said that back in the day, there were people who used to just listen to other people, and help them sort out those wants and needs. They gave advice, and people paid good money just to be able to talk to them and hear that advice. Papi told me that, back in the time before, when my dad was just a little boy, he used to be one of those people. And he taught me a thing or two about that old art.

So if you want some comfort food and a cup of coffee, I can get you that. And if you want a quick roll in the hay with a pretty woman, I can get you that.

And if by some chance, you just want a place to rest, the quiet company of a cat, and a chance to forget the world for a little while…well, I can get you that, too.

Just step through into the Lotus House. I know just what you need…


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